Saturday, 16 July 2016

Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

Immune System: By adding wheat germ to your diet, you can positively boost your immune system to fight against a number of diseases and conditions like heart disease and cancer.

Cardiovascular Health: wheat germ can reduce risk factors associated with coronary heart disease and can increase the health of the entire cardiovascular system.

Cancer Prevention: Adding wheat germ to your diet can help you reduce the risk factors for multiple types of cancer. It has been shown to interrupt glucose metabolism at a fundamental level and inhibit the expression of various kinases, which may stimulate cancerous activity in cells.

Anti-Aging Properties: Wheat germ is packed with nutrients and vitamins in such high levels that it can have significant effects on various anti-aging effects like skin quality and hair loss.

Cellular Metabolism:  Another of the beneficial vitamins found in wheat germ is Vitamin B, which consists of a number of different vitamins. The most common types found in wheat germ are Niacin, Thiamine, and folates.

Muscle Health: One of the best sources of protein in a diet can come from wheat germ, and protein has a laundry list of beneficial attributes.

Diabetes: The presence of so much folic acid in wheat germ has a secondary effect for people at risk for diabetes. Folic acid is negatively correlated with a compound called “homocysteine” in the body, which is closely linked to a number of harmful conditions, like vascular disease, diabetes, and heart disease.