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The Perfect Wedding Diet Plans for You

The Bride Diet: A Meal Plan for your Perfect Wedding

Weddings are all about excitement, enjoyment by looking and feeling great.
For your wedding, you might have chosen the best clothes in place, jewellery
and even hair and skin treatment, but the feeling from inside is important. If
you wonder how to lose pounds before your marriage, we at Nutrikalp have
perfect wedding diet meal plan for you.

Wedding Diet Meal Plan

This Meal Plan has been divided into two parts to get the desired results. You
should start your diet plan at least one-two months before you tie the knot.
The First part of Diet Plans should be followed for at least one month before
the marriage and its second part should be followed for at least a week.

1to 2months before Wedding Diet Plans

We are providing you the perfect wedding diet plan to follow before 1-2 months
of your wedding. You must ensure to eat simple food that is home cooked to
make most of your diet plans.
Your Best Wedding Diet Meal Plan before 1-2 months should include:
Pre-Breakfast: 10 Almonds and 2 Glasses of Warm Water
Breakfast: Bowl of Oats Porridge, Upma or Poha, 1 Boiled Egg with
Grilled Chicken Salad
Mid Morning Meal: One Large Bowl of Fruits with 1Glass of Buttermilk.
Lunch Meal: Dal with 2bran rotis or one cup of brown rice and Salad
Evening Snack: One Fist of Sprouts, One Fist of roast chickpeas and a cup
of green tea.
Dinner Meal: Subji of your choice with 2bran rotis, salad, and soup
* Just before Going to the Bed: One cup of warm, low-fat milk.
1 week before the Wedding Diet Plan
The Last week is very important as it is more stressful. This perfect wedding diet plans will help
you feel lighter and increases your focus on final wedding preparations. If
followed with enthusiasm you will definitely see the changes in your inches
and on weighing scale as well.
Before 1 Week of your marriage, your diet meal plan should include:
Pre-Breakfast: 10 Almonds with 2 Glasses of Warm Water
* Breakfast: Bowl of Oats Porridge, One Toasted Slice of Multi-Grain Bread
with a glass of low-fat milk.
* Mid Morning: One Large Bowl of Fruits
* Lunch: Should Includes Dal, 1bran roti or a half cup of brown rice, subji
with salad.
* Evening Snack: One Fist of Sprouts, One Fist of Roasted Chickpeas with a
cup of green tea.
* Dinner: One Bran Roti with vegetables/Chicken/Fish with salad and
* Just Before Going to the Bed: A Glass of Warm, low-fat milk.

Tips for Do’s

1. You should keep your breakfast wholesome and filling. You can add two
white eggs to it to make it healthy.
2. To get better hair and skin for your wedding, you could eat almonds and
walnut as they are rich in Omega-3.
You can get a perfect wedding diet plans for your wedding from NutriKalp. Your body may
need a personalized diet plan based on your taste.
So Nutrikalp is ready for your diet plan. Aren’t You?

Weight Loss Challenges for Women Over 40

Time to Step Up and Look Gorgeous with Weight Loss Challenges for Women Over 40

As you get old, you became wiser, empathy and more knowledge about yourselves developed. You find
yourself in big pants size and lots of worries to get back your body in shape increased. In 40’s, women
generally found themselves surrounded by lots of responsibilities and have no time for themselves. If
anyhow manages for time, still unaware about the weight loss challenge.

What Exactly is Nutrikalp Weight Loss Challenges?

The Nutrikalp Weight Loss Challenge is mainly focused on Women over 40. As women over 40, we have
different obstacles, struggles, and responsibilities that we did in our 20s.
In NutriKalp, you will be provided with NutriKalp Diet Challenge that helps you in
* Drop 1-2 pounds in a week
* Firm up in burning calories
* The slowing rate of metabolism
* Choosing your treats wisely
* Accepting and being honest
* Nutrients Calculation
* Move more and exercise
* Transform your entire body in shape

Ask yourself what you exactly want

If you want to see yourself as beautiful and slim as you were in your 20s, then you must be very
clear on what you exactly want. Be purposeful, create your vision and imagine yourself standing
in a mirror after 1month how would you look like. This vision will help you make all efforts
towards your set goals. Hence, you need to have a mental awakening that leads you in a state
of readiness, without which it will all not happening.

With smart planning, you can increase your metabolism and bring your body back in your

1) Don’t forget the basic rules of diet challenges
So what if you are in your 40s, some rules for weight loss will never change. Before meeting
your diet challenge, brush up your basics.
* Eat less fatty and nutritious food
* Make a target of losing at least 1kg per week
* Do take regular meals
2) Nutrients Calculation
You should calculate your intake of carbohydrates regularly as it can help you in many ways.
It will make your blood sugar level steady and help you in fighting age-related insulin.
Your daily meals and snacks should contain:
* Vegetables and fruits
* Proteins rich food like eggs, fish, and yogurt
* Take good fats only
3) Take Fewer Calories but eat more frequently
You should try to divide your meals into small sized ones. It will help to keep your blood sugar
levels in control.
Fruits and Vegetables which are low in calories should be taken.
4) Be wise in choosing your Treats
One of the important weight lose challenge is to be wise while choosing your treats. Now when
you are in your 40’s it is obvious you could not eat in the same way as you used to when you
were in your 20s. If you do like this you cannot expect to lose weight.
5) Move more and exercise
When you are in your 40s your testosterone starts dipping. So your ability of the body to burn
calories after the exercise also decline.
You have to indulge in the daily activity of 30minutes, then it is a good habit.

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How to Lose Weight Fast For This Summer

Lose weight faster with these tips

Nowadays, when we want everything fast in our lives, lose weight can become faster too. You do not need to spend months and years to lose weight now. With some dictated tips and tricks, you can now achieve your goal weight much faster. You can now get your summer beach body just by following these steps and bringing some changes in your daily life routine. So keep your shorts and bikinis packed up for your summer vacation because we have got something great for you!
Scroll down below to know more about these tips and tricks. These steps are easy to follow and do not include any hustle. So get ready!
  • Chart down a diet plan
Charting down a diet plan is very important before you begin your weight loss journey because nobody knows your body better than you. Make a list of foods your body can withstand, and divide them into different meal sections. Include and schedule, time-to-time meal plans in your chart so that you never miss out on your meals and it also helps to keep track, if there is any junk food present in your diet.
  • Workout two times a day
If you want to lose weight faster, it is quite obvious to increase your workout schedule because burning calories comes first. Schedule a two-times workout routine for every day, once in the morning and once in the evening time. Include several types of workouts like cardio, weight training, core workout and more like this if you want to tone down your whole body.
  • Avoid junk foods
It is one of the most important habits that you need to change. Eating junk foods will pose as a great hindrance and will also affect your health. So, avoiding junk food is the first habit you need to adapt.
  • Do not starve
Losing weight does not need to make yourself go through starvation. If you are making your body feel starved then it may affect your health, instead of making you lose any weight. You should keep yourself filled up with some healthy options like fruits and veggies or juice.
  • Take after-meal walks
Taking after-meal walks does allow unhealthy fats to remain stored up in your body and ensures better digestion of the meal too, which does not disturb your balance of health.
  • Improve your lifestyle
Avoid late nights and disturbed lifestyle first, in order to lose weight faster. Such a lifestyle may affect your digestion and intestinal process too. So, develops the habit of better lifestyle before you begin your weight loss journey.
  • Count your calories
Counting on your calories is very important. There are several applications available on the internet these days, which help you to count and calculate your daily calories.
Following these above steps for at least two weeks can make a drastic change in your body weight. So, all ready to say good-bye to your body fats? We wish you good luck!

How many steps do you need to take every day for losing weight

How many steps do you need to take every day for weight loss.

Are you tired of trying various ways to keep losing weight? And hopeless that none of them works? Well ,we must keep in mind ,not to loose our mind while losing weight and follow these very simple day to day steps to losing weight without hunger pangs coming in the way.

Do not skip breakfast.

Since breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day. It is advisable not to skip this meal, as our metabolism is high early in the morning there for any quantity of food or anything we eat is digested by our body and the fat absorbed is very minimal.

Waking up half an hour early.

Give yourself just half an hour time.Waking up just half an hour before your usual waking up routine and doing some freehand exercises or yoga or jogging or even running can burn those extra calories. It is advisable though to increase by five minutes slowly in the beginning and keep increasing it to an hour slowly.

Eat less but more frequently.

If you think that starving yourself will make you loose weight faster, then you are wrong. In fact the opposite happens ,the moment we stop eating, our body starts storing even the minimal amount of fat from anything we eat, therefore we must trick our body and eat little amounts of food at regular intervals, like a cup of green tea or a fruit or a biscuit or nuts.

Take the stairs!

If you do not find time for exercising,you can take these little steps in your daily life towards burning your body fat such as, taking the stairs instead of the elevator,walking instead of taking a vehicle if you are going nearby or go for cycling or you can also turn on that music and let your body groove to it , dance your heart out or just take time in cleaning your place.

Keep your body hydrated.

Drink a lot of water,and keep your body hydrated. Drinking water half and hour before your meals can actually reduce your hunger and make you eat less in quantity, in addition to that water helps detoxify your body and also help digest your food faster.

Say no to junk food

The biggest exercise that you must learn to do is to say no ! Avoid oily and greasy foods. Say no to burgers pizzas and chocolates(except dark chocolates as they are rich in antioxidants)and start healthy food habits. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants such as fruits, green tea,green leafy vegetables, also add some protein to your diet such as kidney beans, soybean, lentils.

Do not fall for false advertisements.

There are end number of drugs available in the market which gives us false promises to reduce weight rapidly, strictly stay away from them, as they are very harmful and has various long term side effects therefore loosing weight naturally is the best way there is.
Losing weight is therefore is not as difficult but in the process we must not loose our minds and practice healthy habits.

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What’s the best diet plan for 2019?

What’s the best diet plan for 2019?

How to Choose Upon the Best Diet Plan in 2019?

A year 2019 has arrived, and are you determined to stick on a healthy diet? For all those who are planning to eat healthier in 2019, but have no idea from where to start, then, Nutrikalp is here to help you. This new year give a new chance to change your diet. Listed down are some of the basic healthy approaches to start with better eating habits:
• Start consuming plenty of fruits and veggies.
• Prioritize good fats like plant-based oils and other unsaturated fats.
• Fill your plate with more seafoods.
• Make sure that you choose 100% whole grains like buckwheat, oats, bulgur and wheat.
• Enjoy chocolates, baked goods and sweets only in moderate amount.
• Top up your recipes with enough herbs and spices

Best Diets to Give Try in 2019

The Mediterranean Diet: The importance of this diet and why this type of diet is gaining popularity is because of indulging in delicious quality items like desserts, flavorful cheese and give enough time for physical activities. This diet emphasizes on consuming plenty of fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, pulses including chickpeas, lentils, peas and beans, seafood, some meat and eggs. Make sure to fill your bowl with fresh raw vegetables like carrot, cabbage, lettuce, zucchini, cherry, avocado, tomatoes, pomegranate and nuts.
Though, this type of diet doesn’t restrict in any type of eating habits, but promotes for better health and weight loss. The idea is only to fill yourself with nutritious food and limit the consumption of processed foods which are known to have high quantity of sodium, added sugar, and saturated fats.
The DASH Diet: The DASH diet also known as “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension” is effectively a smarter way for healthy eating and a smart approach towards weight loss. It basically stresses upon all types of sea foods, low fat dairy products, whole grains, seeds and nuts. The main motto of this diet is to consume protein sources like poultry, pork, omega-3 filled fatty fishes. As this diet is rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium, hence, counterbalance the total effects of sodium, thereby promoting better health.
The only plan of this type of diet is to limit the consumption of added sugars, high saturated fatty acids, sodium as well as processed foods. The diet plan of DASH diet per day includes:
? Whole grains, like a slice of toast or half a cup oatmeal or pasta: 6-8 servings
? Dairy products: 2-3 servings
? Fruits and veggies: 5 servings
? Lean proteins, mix of seafood, pork, eggs and poultry: 6 ounces
? Fats and oils: 2 teaspoons
The Volumetrics Diet: This type of diet exclusively emphasizes on consuming more fruits, veggies, plant-based foods that are rich in fiber and plenty of water. The main approach of this type of diet is to displace calories and make you full as well as satisfied.

Weight loss tips everyone needs to know for 2019

Effective Weight Loss Tips To Be Followed in 2019

Weight loss has become a major concern in each and every individual. People think that dieting is the only solution in order to lose weight much effectively. But, folks! You are going on the wrong track. If getting in shape is your prime resolution in New Year, then, here are suggested tips that you are advised to perform in the most sustainable manner.
Drink plenty of water: This statement seems self-instructive, but, yes this is true. Most individual lacks proper hydration. According to general guidelines, drinking 8 oz. glasses of water per day is effective in losing weight to major extent.
Plan for at least 20 minutes moderate physical activity a day: Don’t force yourself to go for one hour exercise. Set a routine and start your day with at least 20 minutes of physical activities. It has been said that in order to stay healthy and active, just 150 minutes of physical activity in a week is enough.
Make sure that you set a proper routine: Achieving the fitness goals is not something that can only be done by workouts. Bunt, getting adequate amount of sleep is also compulsory. Make sure that you set your time of getting in bed at the same time daily and waking up early.
Say a big ‘No’ to sugary drinks: Sugary drinks are the major enemy of health. So, say a big no to them. Men are advised to consume 37.5 grams of sugar per day, whereas women should consume only 27 grams. May be you are not aware but, a can of soda comprises of 39 grams of sugar.
Forget the habit of late-night snacking: Late night snacking is the worst decision that we actually make by munching on potato chips or ice cream. Limit yourself with the late-night cravings.
Try Using Smaller Plates: Make a habit of eating in smaller plates. Because filling up your food in smaller plate keeps signal to your mind that you are consuming more food.
Drink Green Tea: It is a common saying that green tea acts as a favourable part in weight loss. It is known to boost up the metabolism and at the same time acts as a natural weight loss supplement.
Make a habit of eating more frequently: people think that skipping meals is an ultimate solution for weight loss. Research have shown that eating more frequently, i.e. three meals and two snacks in 24 hours is effective in weight loss and maintenance.
Work Out While Starving: Most of the gym states that pre-workout, snacking is required, but, actually, opposite is true. It is advisable to head on for workout only if your stomach is empty.
Get into habit of eating carbs later in a day: It is advisable to consume carbohydrates especially during night as it can help to reduce your appetite.
Make sure that you get right amount of sleep: It has been seen that those that slept 5 hours or less gained more than 2.5 pounds as compared to those who slept 7 hours in night.

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What is the fastest way of losing weight?

Are you worried about your plumpy body? Do you think losing weight might be difficult for you? No worries. Here are some tips for losing weight in the fastest way.

Helpful Tips to Lose Weight in fast and Effective Way

Losing weight is the major concern for most of us, and why not? After all, everyone tries to look good and in shape. Well maintained body not only helps to look good but, at the same time boosts the confidence. However, there are several ways to lose weight fast, but, most of these methods will keep you feel hungry and unsatisfied. The best and effective method of losing weight is the one that covers the following:
  • ·         Significantly reduce your appetite
  • ·         Help losing your weight quickly without making you feel hungry
  • ·         Improve your metabolic health

Following are the simples but fastest way to lose weight:

Cut down sugars and starches: As soon as you reduce the consumption level of sugars and starches, ultimately your hunger level goes down and hence, you end up eating few calories. As a result, instead of burning carbs for energy, the body starts feeding off the stored fat. Cutting down carbs also lowers the insulin level that can cause kidneys to shed the excess amount of water and sodium out of your body.

Eat proteins, fats, and vegetables: Make sure that your meal must be filled with the protein source, the fat source, and low carb vegetables. Meat, fish, and seafood, as well as eggs, are the protein sources. Protein can boosts metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day. Cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, swiss chard etc are some of the low carb vegetables. It is recommended to eat 2-3 meals per day. And if feeling hungry, you can add the 4th meal.

Lift weights 3 times per week: The suggested option to lose weight fast is to lift weight 3-4 times per week. Plan to go the gym, do warm-ups and lift some weight. Lifting weight can help burn lots of calories and prevents your metabolism to undergo any slow process. Apart from weightlifting, you can also do cardio workouts like walking, running, be jogging, cycling etc.

Eat a high protein breakfast: Consuming high protein breakfast results in lower down the food craving and calorie intake throughout the day.

Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice: Avoid sugary drink to lose weight.

Drink water half an hour before meals: Drinking water half an hour before the meal can reduce weight loss by 44% over 3 months

Choose weight loss friendly foods: Choose foods that are helpful in losing fats.

Eat soluble fiber: Soluble fibers have the tendency to lose weight especially near the belly areas.

Drink tea or coffee: If you are a coffee lover, drink more and more coffee and tea, as caffeine can boost metabolism by 3-11%