Monday, 30 July 2018

What is the fastest way of losing weight?

Are you worried about your plumpy body? Do you think losing weight might be difficult for you? No worries. Here are some tips for losing weight in the fastest way.

Helpful Tips to Lose Weight in fast and Effective Way

Losing weight is the major concern for most of us, and why not? After all, everyone tries to look good and in shape. Well maintained body not only helps to look good but, at the same time boosts the confidence. However, there are several ways to lose weight fast, but, most of these methods will keep you feel hungry and unsatisfied. The best and effective method of losing weight is the one that covers the following:
  • ·         Significantly reduce your appetite
  • ·         Help losing your weight quickly without making you feel hungry
  • ·         Improve your metabolic health

Following are the simples but fastest way to lose weight:

Cut down sugars and starches: As soon as you reduce the consumption level of sugars and starches, ultimately your hunger level goes down and hence, you end up eating few calories. As a result, instead of burning carbs for energy, the body starts feeding off the stored fat. Cutting down carbs also lowers the insulin level that can cause kidneys to shed the excess amount of water and sodium out of your body.

Eat proteins, fats, and vegetables: Make sure that your meal must be filled with the protein source, the fat source, and low carb vegetables. Meat, fish, and seafood, as well as eggs, are the protein sources. Protein can boosts metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day. Cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, swiss chard etc are some of the low carb vegetables. It is recommended to eat 2-3 meals per day. And if feeling hungry, you can add the 4th meal.

Lift weights 3 times per week: The suggested option to lose weight fast is to lift weight 3-4 times per week. Plan to go the gym, do warm-ups and lift some weight. Lifting weight can help burn lots of calories and prevents your metabolism to undergo any slow process. Apart from weightlifting, you can also do cardio workouts like walking, running, be jogging, cycling etc.

Eat a high protein breakfast: Consuming high protein breakfast results in lower down the food craving and calorie intake throughout the day.

Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice: Avoid sugary drink to lose weight.

Drink water half an hour before meals: Drinking water half an hour before the meal can reduce weight loss by 44% over 3 months

Choose weight loss friendly foods: Choose foods that are helpful in losing fats.

Eat soluble fiber: Soluble fibers have the tendency to lose weight especially near the belly areas.

Drink tea or coffee: If you are a coffee lover, drink more and more coffee and tea, as caffeine can boost metabolism by 3-11%

New Trends in Weight Loss Management

Weight loss is common among individuals. But, how does the management can bring new trends in the weight loss programs? There are several new trends that are getting implemented in order to improve the weight loss management.

Watch the New Trend in Weight Loss Management

In order to improve health, lots and lots of consumers are moving globally towards more holistic as well as weight management approach. Despite the increase in obesity, sales in the weight loss products are on the decline. This has challenged the brand holders in order to shift their focus from restrictive dieting to safety and active nutrition. All these factors are reshaping the weight management as well as the industry of wellbeing and hence, pushing towards the innovation around personalization and plant-based products.

Following are the trends to be watched in this dynamic and ultra-competitive market.

·         Meal replacement growing slowly than protein-based products: As compared to other protein-based products, meal replacement is continuously growing at a slow pace. Protein supplements are in high demand because of the plant-based protein and this nutrition category is growing owing to healthy living and fitness goals.

·         From fats and sugars to weight management wellbeing digital tools: Every year the trend of weight management changes. There is a shift from magic weight loss claims to high protein diets, digital and personalized weight management tools and exercise plans.

·         The Mind Diet: This trending diet combines the basic principles of the two heart-healthy diet: The Mediterranean diet and approach to stop hypertension diet. The main purpose of Mind diet is to boost brain and includes food like leafy greens, seeds, nuts, fish and olive oil.

·         Eating for improving gut health: Another new trending diet is to lose your belly diet. This eating plan is completely focused on enhancing the health of microbiome with the help of dietary changes and probiotic supplements. Both probiotics and prebiotics food are important to feed good bacteria and enhance the overall health.

·         Fermented foods: When it comes to digestive health, fermented foods are trending too. Fermented foods like curd, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso etc are helpful for health. Fiber-rich diets are also required in order to feed good bacteria in the gut.

·         Health-oriented wearable devices: Fitness and activity trackers like smart eyeglasses, smartwatches and wearable technology is highly trending because it is helpful in tracking your daily activities, heart rate, sleep cycles and lots more.

·         Live stream classes: Live stream classes are trending more and more and people are taking advantage of this technology. This has become the advantage as it is bringing high energy workout right at your convenience, where you can be trained from anywhere and at any time.

Who are the best female Nutritionist in Delhi, India

Confused about which nutritionist to visit in Delhi? Don’t worry, with the unlimited list of nutritionists, you can now choose the best female nutritionist who can take care of your health and nutritional needs.

Get to Know the Best Female Nutritionists in Delhi

Nutrition is the vital part of our life. It is necessary for maintaining proper health and well being. It is extremely important for growth and development. Several health problems like anemia, malnutrition etc can be easily resolved by having proper nutrients. It is extremely important to understand the importance of food that you consume on daily basis. Below listed are top 10 nutritionists in Delhi who are engaged in proving cutting-edge solutions for the proper maintenance of health:

·      Ishi Khosla: This nutritionist is from Delhi and is the founder of Whole Foods, a popular nutritional needs store. She has previously worked as a nutritionist in Escorts Heart Institute in the unit of Preventive Cardiology, Delhi. She has now quit from there to start Whole Foods.

·         Sikha Sharma: She pursued her MBBS degree from Maulana Azad Medical College. She is engaged in diagnosing medical problems due to the medical constitution, while, the diet chart is being co-created by her as well as her team of nutritionists.

· Shubi Hussain: being a leading nutritionist and entrepreneur, her products and diet plan are available under the brand name Indiadiets Health Perfect. She has done her post graduate in Dietetics and Public health Nutrition from Lady Irwin College and is the Managing Director of ORB health Sanctuary Pvt Ltd.

·         Priyam Sharma: She is a well-known nutritionist in Delhi and is the Chief Bariatric Coordinator at Primus Super Specialty Hospital, gastroenterology dietician at Sarathi Health Care Private Ltd and Clinical Nutritionist at Dial-@-Dietician.

·         Neha Gupta: Popular as the nutritionist, she is a chief nutritionist at N-lite specialized in therapeutic Nutrition, sports nutrition as well as weight management. She is the leader of R&D and content generation for N-lite Nutrition and Health. She has got her specialization in Sports Nutrition, Diabetes Diet as well as Weight management and nutrition in children.

·         Sujata Govada: She is a chief nutritionist at Care Hospitals and Chief Nutritionist at Aware Global Hospital. Her specialization includes clinical aspects, diet formulation, and diet-related counseling, Specialization in critical care patient diets, teaching food, science and nutrition, pediatric diets and organizing the dietary department. Her past experiences include Chief Nutritionist at Yashoda Hospital, Senior Demonstrator at C.M.C Vellore Hospital and Consultant Nutritionist at Aditya Super Specialty Hospital.

·         Seema Singh: she is the Chief Clinical Nutritionist and Head of the department at Fortis Hospitals. She has worked as senior Nutritionist at Artemis health institute and as a Dietetic Intern at AIIMS.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

What are some basic tips for reducing weight

Are you worried for you continuous weight gain? No worry! Now you can lose weight with some basic tips and stay fit and healthy.

Basic Fitness Tips to Lose Weight

Losing weight doesn’t feel like a chore. Eating less and exercising more is the common tips for losing weight. But, you know better than most of the diets and weight loss program doesn’t work. These weight loss tips will not help to transform your body overnight, but, also helps in attaining healthier shape in long terms:

Drink plenty of water: As water is involved in several metabolic processing bodies, but, staying dehydrated can potentially slow down your metabolic process which can directly or indirectly hamper in the weight loss. It is a common saying that having a glass of water before the meal can help you feel more satisfied faster resulting in gorging upon less food.

Stay prepared: As soon as you feel hungry, you may get diverted to consume sugary snacks in order to curb cravings. Planning meals will help you stay on track and manage your calorie deficit. Having healthy but filling snacks can thus prevent from craving of unhealthy foods.

Make habit of drinking green tea: Green tea is catching the attention of dieters because of its property to stimulate fat oxidation. It consists of catechin polyphenols which have the property to stimulate fat oxidation and can increase fat metabolism.

Spice up your mealtimes: It is essential that you make your mealtime enjoyable as well as flavorsome. This will significantly help in the weight loss. Chilli pepper is not only full of flavor but, also has the property to burn fat. Capsaicin found in chili pepper can cause weight loss and can be used to treat obesity.

Enjoy every mouthful: Whatever you eat, make sure that you focus on every bite. This is known as mindful eating in which you hear your stomach when it is feeling full.

Perform more and more exercise: Performing more activity including performing work to walking can contribute a lot in weight loss. Lifting weight, as well as other resistance exercise, will prevent you from losing mass and will speed up your metabolism.

Use small plates and bowl: This is just a psychology act, but, it really works. Having served your food in small plates or bowls will mentally help you with portion control.

Maintain food diary: It is best to record what you eat. This will help to spot bad habits. This will also allow block meal times and practice mindful eating.

Maintain your refined carbohydrates intake: White bread and pasta are the examples of refined carbohydrate in which most of the nutritious part are stripped off. Eating whole wheat and whole grain pasta would definitely be the best.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Lose Extra fat From Body with Weight Loss Program in Delhi

Are you the one among those who want to lose weight, but getting confused about which program to opt for? Well, the answer is that one must opt for the weight loss program which is specifically designed for the individual’s body’s needs, take into considerations all the medical issues and most importantly gives safe and long lasting weight reduction. Delhi is a hub of such weight loss clinic where finding the reliable one would be a bit difficult. However, Nutrikalp offers the best weight loss program in Delhi intended to offer long-term weight loss program that can focus on the overall health without just focusing on cutting down the calories.

Each body is different as well as unique. An individual’s bone structure, size, shape, and weight are majorly influenced by the person’s genetic makeup. And this is the reason that we at Nutrikalp have launched a weight management program that can cater to every individual need. Being the best weight loss program in Delhi, we are backed with professional doctors as well as nutritionists who will assist you through the following processes:

·         Root cause analysis: This is is the first step of the program, where the nutritionist will take into consideration your entire medical as well as nutritional profiling and will analyze deeply the reason for the weight gain. They will then perform the detailed research of the medical issues before making any planning.

·         Customized treatment: After analyzing the body, the doctor will find out the reasons for the fat accumulation and based on it will suggest the treatments as well as the number of sessions required.

·         Customization of nutrition program: In the next step, the nutritionists will customize the complete diet plan based on your lifestyle history and food preferences. And based on the progress, this diet plan will get change every two days.

·         Constant Monitoring: Time to time updates will be taken and constant monitoring will be done on your food intake and the progressive results.

Follow Ups
In order to keep you going as well as achieve successful results, our counseling team will do a strong follow up in the following process in order to lose those extra kilos in your body:

·         Consultation: Here first the nutritional and medical profiling will be taken. Then, a complete blood check-up will be done.

·         Customizing diet plan: based on the complete medical tests, you will be provided with the customized diet plan which will help in speeding up the weight loss process. This program will be entirely based on your eating preferences and your lifestyle.

·         Boosting phase: In order to improve the quality of life, some changes will be further made to attain long-term sustainable weight management.

·         Support phase: This is an on-going support program where our team will continuously help in sustaining the suggested lifestyle changes.

Maintain Good Health Permanently with Best Diet Clinic in Delhi

Nowadays jobs are getting very stressful. For most of us, socialization means munching food out while movies mean cold drinks and popcorn. This type of diet is taking the health of people on the toll. Delhi is a city where this scenario is very commonly seen. However, with this kind of lifestyle, the requirement for the guidance of improving nutrition is required. Nutritionists or Dieticians are the experts who guide towards taking up the healthy diet and maintaining a healthy body. Whereas, best diet clinic in Delhi is the platform through which they provide you the best of the services.

As people as becoming more and more conscious about their health, the search for the weight loss program has been intensified significantly. However, an effective way to have a good weight loss program is by choosing the diet clinic that can offer safe weight loss guidance. It is the place where you stay assured of getting the best treatments and procedures suitable for your needs.

Nutrikalp brings to you the chain of best diet clinics in Delhi. In order to determine your nutritional requirements, the dietitians here will assess your medical profile, physical parameters, lifestyle as well as nutritional intake. And then, based on that will prepare the diet chart customized to your body as well as schedule.

Considered to be the best diet clinics in Delhi, our dieticians will help you in the weight management in the healthiest way. We believe that healthy living doesn’t require diminishing your fat, but, simply need to eat right in the right way. However, we aim to provide utmost guidance thus, achieving your fitness goals with effective diet plan specially designed for you.

Nutrikalp, being an advanced weight loss center offer quickly as well as an easy weight loss solution. Our programs are regularly supervised as well as re-evaluated with the certified doctors as well as nutritionists. Being the best diet clinics in Delhi we are intended to offer wholesome weight loss solutions by understanding the root cause that resulted in the patient to gain weight, as well as find the solution for the remedies.

With our diet clinic, you can choose which method you find to be effective, as we offer a variety of weight loss programs. Whichever you choose, you will be ensured that the particular program is going to help you in minimizing the food cravings and burning down the extra fat of your body. Additionally, it will help a patient in shaping the body and giving them energy.
Thus, for all those who are looking to shed those extra kilos from the body, we are there to help you personally with the customized diet charts as per your requirements.

Monday, 18 June 2018

What’s New in Summer 2018 Weight loss Trends?

Around us, we hear a lot of hype about eating healthy. No doubt, we all want to nourish our bodies in the best possible way. But, the problem is to sort out what is really useful.
If you are the one who wants to shed your extra kilos quickly, then summer month is the perfect season. Each and every year the crop of new diet plan always pop up in the media. And all claims for the betterment of health or weight loss. Nutrition trends come and go every year, but, which one is actually worth for you in 2018? The cravings for the greasy as well as oily food become less during summer, as body demands more water and cold foods. Our tendency to drink more water during the daytime automatically fills us up and minimizes the frequent hunger pangs. So, it’s the time when you can make most out of it. Following are the weight loss trends for summer 2018 that can help you achieve ideal body weight:

·         Stay Hydrated

The best way to beat dehydration is water followed by coconut water, desi summer drinks like aam panna, kanji, lemon water etc. The lesser the amount of sugar you consume in your drink, you will be benefited more. Keep a bottle of water with you all the time so that you remain taking sip by sip to fill yourself.

·         Fill up your plates with summer veggies

As summer veggies are very low in calories, hence, it would be beneficial adding them in your diet in order to help yourself lose weight. Vegetables like cucumber, eggplant, brinjal, bottle guard etc are considered to be very healthy and must be included in the diet.

·         Load up with summer melons

During summers, watermelons as well as muskmelons are widely available. These melons are low in calories and are perfect for summer weight loss plan.

·         Add more probiotics in your diet

Consuming curd in the form of chhachh and lassi is perfect to promote the digestive health. During summer, most chances are there that your stomach remains upset. This can cause hindrance in weight loss. Make sure that you add more and more probiotics in your diet in order to keep the digestive system healthy.

·         Jump to juicing bandwagon

There is a hype that juice contains excess amount of sugar. But, this is true only with packed fruit juices. Freshly prepared fruit juices is perfect to supplement a healthy diet with a blast of phytonutrients occasionally. It is better to stick with protein-rich smoothies, as it is the perfect balanced liquid meal.

·         Gluten-free diet

A well planned gluten-free diet would be perfect enough if it contains nutrient-dense food like legumes, vegetables, beans etc.