Sunday, 22 February 2015


As there is increasing infection in the air, there is general fear of catching them. But an ideal diet for immunity can help you strengthen your guards & save you from communicable diseases.

Here are a few tips as to help you revive your immunity through diet:
  • Include Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits should ideally be included in your fruit intakes. Indian gooseberry, oranges, lime, etc should be included in your fruit intake.
  • Include some immunity boosting spices: Turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, asphoetida, ajwain, etc. should be included in your daily food.
  • Include various green leafy vegetables in your diet to improve vitamin intake.
  • Include Honey in your diet as it has innumerable immunity boosting properties.
  • Avoid eating out and prefer home cooked food prepared with utmost hygiene.
  • Include milk / milk products in your diet as milk is a complete food and will help you cope up with any deficiency due to incomplete diet.