Thursday, 6 October 2016

7 Signs of Cervical Cancer That Women Need To Observe

Unusual discharge– is a common symptom of this type of cancer. When cancer starts growing inside the cervix, uterine cells lining starts secreting watery discharge.

Warts– Appearance of small warts -external or internal- is a red flag for some HPV, and it greatly increases chances of cervical cancer

Pain or bleeding– pelvic discomfort and bleeding also typical signs of cervical cancer. It comes because the walls of the cervix dry out and crack due to abnormal cell growth. But, rectal or bladder bleeding also occur though in more advanced stage. It means that any bleeding that comes outside menstrual period requires immediate medical attention.

Anaemia– often accompanies cervical cancer due to excessive bleeding. If you feel constantly tired and eating habits are the same, or heartbeat increases even  in  slightest effort, you must be  examined for anemia and the reason  for it

Urinary problems– Difficulty urinating is one more sign of cervical cancer. Swelling of cervix presses the bladder and kidneys impeding urine passage.

Continuous pain in the legs, hips or back– swollen cervix affect kidneys and bladder, but also internal organs. It puts  pressure on the blood vessels , inhibit blood flow to  pelvis and legs and therefore  producing pain and  ankles and legs swelling

Weight loss– Loss of appetite also weight comes along with most types of cancer. In this case swollen cervix puts pressure on the stomach, and leads to appetite and weight loss.

VERY IMPORTANT – that these symptoms can also be produced by other conditions. But, reporting to gynecologist is vital for early detection. Numerous risk factors can lead to contracting HPV infection, and it is found in both, men and women.

The best-known risk factors:

Being second-hand smoker
Multiple sexual partners
Unprotected sex

Low immunity